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Pine Mountain Lake

What are the current PML homeowner dues?

$242 per month

What do I get for those dues?

A security gate system; a 24-hour security patrol and manned main gate; a private lake with beaches, snack bar, store, Marina, boat rentals, fishing; reduced rates and privileges at the 18- hole golf course; tennis courts, equestrian center, campground, walking trails, greenbelt areas, restaurant and bar, archery and shooting ranges, activities; 52 miles of private paved roads. For more information go to 

Are the dues the same for every vacant lot and for homes also?

Yes, every property owner pays the same amount. Several hundred owners have purchased lots adjacent to theirs and “merged” the two (or three or more) lots into one larger lot. The advantages are that they get more land for privacy or expansion, and they only pay PML homeowner dues for one legal lot. If they bought two lots and did not merge them, they would be paying dues for each separate lot. PML was developed in 1969 with 4,181 lots, but the number is closer to 3440 now, after all the mergers. Over 2800 custom homes have been built.

How much do the dues go up every year?

PML HOA dues have risen steadily, mainly because of lot mergers described above. Every time two lots are merged, the HOA loses the dues revenue from the previously separate, buildable lot. (The only general advantage to property owners is that 700+ LESS homes will be built, creating more open space and less wear and tear on the amenities.)

The second reason is inflation since 1970, as costs for employees, insurance, equipment, etc have risen. In 1970 the dues were $5 per month, and 35 years later had risen to $99 per month in 2005. The biggest increases have been since 2005, with dues going from $99/month in 2005 to $212/month in 2020.

Why are some lots so cheap, like $50 or $1,000? And other lots are $40,000 or even over $100,000?
Some lot owners, who have decided they will not build in PML for a variety of reasons, no longer want to pay dues. They decide to drop the price very low to get the lot sold quickly. Other owners have premium buildable lots and no urgency to sell, and are able to eventually get the higher prices. Lots on the lake front, or with lake views, or airport runway access, are rarer and cost more.

What does it cost to build a new home?

Roughly between $150 to $250 per square foot. If you want a detailed article on Tuolumne County building costs for permits, utilities, contractor, etc, ask your Realtor for a copy.

Is every vacant lot “buildable”?

When the original lots were created in 1969, most were buildable under then current regulations. Changes in County codes for septic system setbacks from drainages, and for the maximum slope of a driveway for fire truck access, for examples, have rendered some lots now unbuildable. That is why we caution people never to buy a lot in an auction, and never buy a lot, no matter what price, without thoroughly investigating it, both before and during escrow.

PINE MOUNTAIN LAKE RENTAL CAP (Resolution #22.13 Adopted: November 19, 2022)

No more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the Lots in the Development may be leased to Tenants at any given time. Contact (PMLA) Pine Mountain Lake Association (209) 962-8600 for information and current leasing capacity.

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